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Despite a Multitude of Distractions, You Must Stay Focused

Have you ever had one of those days when you seem to receive the same message from many completely separate and different sources? I had one of those days today. Although I have experience in this field that dates back over 30 years and I have run my own business 3 times before, my current business is still new and I constantly feel as though there are at least a million things that I have to do. I have always been the one that people come to and ask “Do you know how to…?” and often I do because I spend so much time absorbing everything that I can learn. That’s not a completely bad thing, but it has become my enemy when I find that I haven’t done enough because I was too absorbed in learning something new or developing the plan more completely or (fill in the blank) instead of applying what I have learned and following projects through to completion.

In my inbox this morning was a daily e-mail from a friend, Joe Gilder of Home Studio Corner , and another one from another friend, Graham Cochrane of The Recording Revolution (@recordingrev). In my Facebook newsfeed was a shared link from Jodi Hume of The Business of Life (@jodihume), a client and friend and time management consultant. As the day went on there were more messages that all reinforced the common theme — focus on the basics and fight distractions; don’t waste excessive resources on “edge cases”.

I needed those reminders. Every one of us can be all-too-easily distracted. We must constantly ask ourselves “Am I doing the most important thing that I should be doing right now?”. There is so much riding on our ability to answer “Yes” to that question as often as possible. (Thanks, Jack Schammel!)

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